Introducing Accesso Club

An exclusive amenities program offered to Accesso’s clients and business employees.

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Our team is here to help you stay well – both physically and mentally – during this challenging time. Accesso Club announces the exciting virtual updates we’re making to our program that will allow members to take advantage of unique benefits and experiences from the comfort of your homes.

What Is Accesso Club?

You work hard all day, every day. And with the advances in today’s technology and globalization, the line between business and personal hours has been blurred. We recognize how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy work-life balance when you are virtually connected at all times.

So, how does Accesso Club help? We’re glad you asked! Accesso Club opens the door to a life well lived! It allows you the opportunity to enjoy unique work perks at all of Accesso’s premier properties nationwide as part of your membership.


Unwind after a long day at the office in one of our state-of-the art fitness centers.
Mingle with co-workers in our tenant lounges or designated co-working spaces.
Enjoy the use of conference facilities and concierge services, or enroll in self-care and personal development classes at participating office locations.
We also believe that a life well lived goes beyond the walls of your office. Accesso Club offers discounted tickets to local and national events for your business needs or personal enjoyment.

Join Accesso Club today and take advantage of these exclusive benefits — at home, in the office, or on-the-go.

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Accesso Club Gives Back

Accesso Club places a heavy emphasis on supporting the local communities in which we operate. We strive to give back to these communities through fundraising initiatives, non-profit events, and by providing our members with opportunities to participate in the numerous charitable events and activities offered at participating locations. With your Accesso Club membership, you have the opportunity to live well personally, and live fulfilled by helping in need others in your community.

The Accesso Club team is thinking of you, and in our current climate, it’s more important than ever for us to help you prioritize your health and wellness. To do this, we’ll be providing resources over the coming weeks as part of our virtual Accesso Club benefits program.

Food for Focus
Chef Anna Klimmek


The first 500 Accesso Club Members registered will receive FREE access to the course.

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