As of 2021, 20 N Clark will be implementing a monthly pick-up schedule of all E-Recycle items from each tenant’s suite. This move will be in place to encourage continued use of the E-Recycling system and to minimize the need to place work orders for E-Recycle pickup. E-Recycle Pickup will happen the last Wednesday of every month. Should that date fall on a holiday or event, the pickup will be rescheduled for the day prior. A reminder email will be sent on pickup week.

1.      At the beginning of Pickup day, place your E-Recycle items in carts, containers, or storage bins near the freight elevator of your floor.

2.      Email 20NClark@AccessoServices.com stating that you have a pickup ready.

3.      Floors 1 through 19 will have their items picked up between 9am and 12pm.

4.      Floors 22 through 36 will have their items picked up between 12pm and 3pm.


Do I need to do this for my general recycle cans?
No, this is only required for E-Recycle items.

What can I E-Recycle?
Please see the ‘Materials Accepted for Collection’ document attached.

Do I need to submit a work order?
This new process does not require a work order to be submitted, simply email 20NClark@AccessoServices.com on pickup day.

What if my items are heavy, leaking, or unsafe to handle?

Please contact the main office at 312-332-6660 or 20NClark@AccessoServices.com.

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or suggestions please reach out at 312-332-6660 or