2021 Veterans Day Wall of Thanks

Accesso Club invites you to remember our veterans and thank them for their service.

Throughout the month of November, please take a moment to write a thank you note, share a story, picture or simply express your gratitude for their service by filling out the Veterans Day Wall of Thanks form.

Thank you!


From: Interra International
Building: Platinum Tower-Atlanta
Veteran’s name: Claudia, Andrew, Mark, Heather, Kris, Rhonda, Moses
Message: Dearest Claudia, Andrew, Mark, Heather, Kris, Rhonda and Moses:
We stand united in respect for you, our Interra American Veterans. We celebrate your patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve for those ideals that define our United States of America. You are all true heroes!

From: Jaqueline Thomas
Building: 230 W. Monroe-Chicago
Veteran’s name: Anthony Thomas, Sargent Major
Branch of Service: US Army
Message: Thank you for service of 32 years!!! My brother, my hero!

From: Lisa Cole
Building: Innovation Park-Charlotte
Veteran’s name: Brandon and Joshua
Branch of Service: US Army
Message: I want to say thank you for protecting us and every one! This goes to my 2 and ALL of the service members. You make the sacrifice to keep us safe and it means the world to me!

From: Gina Valencia
Building: One Allen Center-Allen
Veteran’s name: Michelle Coronado CMC
Branch of Service: US Navy
Message: My Dearest Sister, whom is currently deployed,
Thank you so much for your 25 years of service. I love you so much and couldn’t be prouder!!
To all veterans, living and deceased, thank you for your service and sacrifices so that we can live in a free country. I am profoundly grateful for and respectful of all you have done for us and your nation. Thank you for your great personal sacrifice that enabled our nation to be free.

From: Kim Murray
Building: 10333 Richmond-Houston
Veteran’s name: Tommy Murray
Branch of Service: US Navy
Message: Thank you for your service and all the men & women that have and are currently serving!

From: Gerald Wells
Building: IDS Center-Minneapolis
Veteran’s name: Maurice L. Dickerson
Branch of Service: US Army
Message: Thank you uncle Maurice for your service. Thanks for telling me your story in Vietnam. I will always be proud of you and grateful for you in my life today.

From: Marsha Perez
Building: One City Centre-Houston
Veteran’s name: Leonard B. Arquette Jr.
Branch of Service: US Air Force
Message: Thank you to my father for his 20+ years of service to our country! He served in the Navy awhile first and then the Air Force. Much love and respect to him for his service , those who served along side him, and those that serve today

From: Kasey Wickens
Building: One Park Ten-Houston
Veteran’s name: Lacy Gipson
Branch of Service: US Army
Message: Lacy Gipson,
You are one tough lady! Thank you for all the time you have dedicated to preserving our freedoms.

From: Deborah Banks
Building: Platinum Tower-Atlanta
Veteran’s name: Johnny Mack Brown
Branch of Service: US Army
Message: Thanks to my dad Johnny Mack Brown who served 2 terms of service in the Vietnam War. Thanks for your service in the United States Army. He passed away 2/21/21 and was buried with a beautiful full military honor ceremony.

From: David Cochran
Building: 10333 Richmond-Houston
Veteran’s name: David Leon Cochran. Sr.
Branch of Service: US Army
Message: Many Thanks for allowing us to honor our Heroes!
I wanted to share some memories about my Dad, MSG David Leon Cochran, Sr. (Leon); I hope Ya’ll don’t mind.
All my family knew he was a WWII Veteran and USAF 1956 ”Outstanding Airman of the Year” as well as a Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross recipient (early on, it was Army/Airforce combined) . But, he rarely shared the details of his military history.
I’ve been researching and learned a few years ago that he survived 22 combat missions! I also remember one of his most significant stories from 1943; combat mission over the North Sea. His plane, a B-17 was shot down. My Dad was a tail-turret gunner in this mission. The plane took heavy damage, many aboard, including my Dad, were injured with shrapnel, some critically. They floated around The North Sea in a dinghy and were finally rescued by a Norwegian fishing boat. I found details of that mission in The American Air Museum and a Sortie Report and I’m happy to see it memorialized with all the detail in a book “A. Hjorth Rasmussen: Det er nødvendigt at sejle Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet. Saltvandsakvariet, Esbjerg, 1980” Dave Cochran, Cambridge, England-384th Bombardment Group / 544thSquadron
“Aircraft Data: B-17F; Name: WEARY WILLIE aka NO NAME JIVE. My Dad passed from cancer when I was 13. I wish I had asked more questions. Thanks Again, God Bless the USA, David Leon Cochran, Jr.

From: Robyn Peck
Building: Encore Commons-Alpharetta
Veteran’s name: Capt. James Tucker
Branch of Service: US Air Force
Message: While I realize this is probably more suitable for Memorial Day, I want to thank a POW-MIA from the Vietnam War who never came home to be a Veteran. Back in the 1970’s, POW-MIA bracelets were made with the names of those held prisoner or missing. My bracelet was for Capt. James Tucker. I wore it for many years and always kept it among my precious belongings. With advances in technology, I was able to finally learn more about him. You can also with the link below. He was only 24 years old when he went missing and no remains have ever been returned. I want to thank him, his parents, and the rest of his family for his ultimate service to our country. He is not forgotten.


From: Tony Clasen
Building: 10333 Richmond-Houston
Veteran’s name: Eric Jaramillo
Branch of Service: US Navy
Message: Eric, thank you for you now 20 years of service, we look forward to welcoming you back to civilian life upon your retirement.