2023 Father’s Day Contest

June 1-18, 2023

For Father’s Day 2023, let’s honor the bonds we share with our beloved dads through their powerful and funniest pieces of advice, sayings and quotes.

  • “If someone doesn’t want to be with you, that’s on them. You have a lot to give.”
  • My sister once asked my dad what he thought of her dating someone named Hansel, all he said back was “I bet you’d reGRETEL that”
  • At the airport my dad said, “Put one shoe in each suitcase so if it gets stolen they can’t wear your shoes”
  • “The grass may be greener on the other side, but it sure took a whole lot of manure to get it that way”
  • “Make sure you have a 401K.”

Share with us your something weird, funny or inspiring your dad has said for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card!

Contest Rules:

  • Deadline is midnight June 18, 2023
  • You allow Accesso Club to use your submission for the newsletter, social media, and website
  • Anything considered offensive will not be displayed and will be excluded from the contest
  • The post with the most votes will determine the winner for a $50 Gift card
  • The voting Deadline is midnight June 21, 2023
  • The winner will be announced June 23, 2023
  • Contest open only to tenants of Accesso properties
  • Participants must work in an Accesso building
  • Participants must be Accesso Club registered members

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv, flv, heic, heif, Max. file size: 256 MB.

All Entries:

Entry #1
Name: Shari Stiglic
Father’s Name: Donald Sobbe
Building: 20 N. Clark-Chicago
Company: Desman, Inc

My dad would always say to me, from a young age “Marry money. Love you can buy”
(This will be my first Fathers Day without him)

Entry #2
Name: Donna Weiss
Father’s Name: Jim Keene
Building: Park Plaza-Naperville
Company: IAT Insurance Group

My Dad is a country boy, and he believed you ate all the food on your plate. His favorite saying when we were kids was “Eat the crust, it’ll put hair on your chest!”…. Here’s the problem, he only had girls! To this day, my sisters and I won’t eat the crust on bread!

Entry #3
Name: Cinthia Brostrom
Father’s Name: Alfonso
Building: Platinum Tower-Atlanta
Company: South State Bank, N.A.

Dad does not curse, so growing up, he substituted many words, but the funniest to this day is “WHAT THE BUTT” LOL. He used it every time he would hurt himself accidentally or was frustrated. This still makes me giggle.

Entry #4
Name: Cassandra Gomez
Father’s Name: Loreto Cruz
Building: Park Plaza-Naperville
Company: IAT Insurance

Whenever we ask him what he has going on for the day, never fails his response is “A little bit of this and whole lot of nothing!”

Entry #5
Name: Amanda Gibbens
Father’s Name: Rex
Building: 3900 Essex-Houston
Company: Procyrion

“Even a $5 head needs a $5 helmet” – on the importance of wearing a helmet when motorcycling”

Entry #6
Name: Gina Valencia
Father’s Name: Ernesto Valencia
Building: One Allen Center-Allen
Company: Accesso

“The lazy man works twice as hard.”

Entry #7
Name: Lee Aber
Father’s Name: Stuart Aber
Building: Innovation Park-Charlotte
Company: Allstate

“I always have your Back and I will always be there for you no matter what”

Entry #8
Name: Ann Hopkins
Father’s Name: Frank Dunlap, Sr
Building: Innovation Park-Charlotte
Company: Wells Fargo

“Be INdependent not DEpendent”

Entry #9
Name: Anne-Renee Orjansen
Father’s Name: John
Building: Riverwalk-Buffalo Grove
Company: CVS

When expressing my trepidation about doing something, he would say, “What do you mean you can’t do this? Somebody does this; it is doable. And you can do this too!”

Entry #10

Name: Don McConnell
Father’s Name: Wilburn McConnell
Building: 3900 Essex-Houston
Company: Mohle Adams

“Don’t go away mad…just go away”

Entry #11
Name: Damian Birnstihl
Father’s Name: William Birnstihl
Building: Highland Oaks I & II-Downers Grove
Company: Duly Health and Care

“Don’t take any wooden nickels.”

Entry #12
Name: Tanya Asrar
Father’s Name: Sarwat Asrar
Building: One Allen Center-Allen
Company: Premier Workspaces

When my father was alive, he would always greet me by saying “Hello, Honeydew!” and my response would be “Hello, Cantaloupe!”

Entry #13
Name: Robert Graham
Father’s Name: Sarwat Asrar
Building: 1776 Yorktown-Houston
Company: Accesso

I remember my Dad got dressed for Church and he was pulling at his collar and sleaves. He then looked at me with a straight face and told me “I don’t think it is the dryer shrinking my clothes…I think it’s the refrigerator?
He was always quick with funny one-liners!!

Entry #14
Name: Andrea Veith
Father’s Name: George H. Veith III
Building: IDS Center-Minneapolis
Company: Littler Mendelson

(Whenever awed or inspired by nature) – “WOW. Nothin’ but net, GOD!”

Entry #15
Name: Jill Hinrichs
Father’s Name: John Hinrichs
Building: 20 N. Clark-Chicago
Company: Perspectives LTD

“When you’re in Math class, think about math. When you’re with your boyfriend, think about your boyfriend. But if you’re thinking about your boyfriend in math class or about math homework when you’re with your boyfriend – you’re not doing anyone any good.” – Basically, he taught me to be PRESENT! and focus on the right things at the right time.

Entry #16
Name: Michele Beck
Father’s Name: Neil
Building: Innovation Park-Charlotte
Company: Innovation Health

“That’s the way they getcha!” (he always said that when we’d want to go shopping and buy new stylish clothes, as he sat there in a very thin white work shirt that eventually would rip in the washing machine because it was so old and thin.

Entry #17
Name: Laura Bowser
Father’s Name: David Bowser
Building: Meridian-Durham
Company: Accesso

Whats the dirtiest thing in your house?
The chester drawer, because it never changes its drawers!

Entry #18
Name: Sara Storbakken
Father’s Name: Del Matteson
Building: IDS Center-Minneapolis
Company: Dady & Gardner

Every morning when my dad was combing his hair he would look in the mirror and say, “I sure wish I was born rich instead of good looking.” ⁠Smile

Entry #19
Name: Julia Bertrand
Father’s Name: Richard
Building: IDS Center-Minneapolis
Company: Hays Companies/Brown & Brown

Wear your “ball cap” in the direction you want to go in life….forward!