A Farmers Riddle

A farmer lived in a small village. He had three sons. One day he gave $100 dollars to his sons and told them to go to market.

The three sons should buy 100 animals for $100 dollars. In the market there were chickens, hens and goats.

Cost of a goat is $10, cost of a hen is $5 and cost of a chicken is $0.50.

There should be at least one animal from each group. The farmers sons should spend all the money on buying animals. There should be 100 animals, not a single animal more or less!

What did the sons buy?

Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly!

First NameLast NameCompanyBuilding
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BobWrightMcMahon Associates1515 Market Street-Philadelphia
CedricMendiolaBrown & BrownIDS Center-Minneapolis
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