Basketball Game

At the end of the first half of the basketball game, the Magnets and the Scouts were tied at 24 points. Each team had scored 12 baskets, including at least one each of 1-, 2-, and 3-point baskets. However, the Scouts had made more 3-point baskets than the Magnets. The Magnets had scored an equal number of 1-, 2-, and 3-point baskets.

How many 1-, 2-, and 3-point baskets did each team score?

Let us know the answer and your name will be added to the Hall of Fame

Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly!

First NameLast NameCompanyBuilding
BobWrightMcMahon Associates1515 Market Street-Philadelphia
BrianRabenaldtR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
CedricMendiolaBrown & BrownIDS Center-Minneapolis
DamianBirnstihlBoncura Health SolutionsHighland Oaks I & II-Downers Grove
DanaOjaniitImagine GroupInnovation Park-Charlotte
DannyDangMohle Adams3900 Essex-Houston
DouglasCoganMarcomCentral200 W. Monroe-Chicago
EmilyLaneRG MillerAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
EvelynOstheimerEquitableInnovation Park-Charlotte
GregGalperinSipcam AgroMeridian-Durham
GuyBrilhanteAllstate InsuranceInnovation Park-Charlotte
HoustonWalkerSouthState BankPlatinum Tower-Atlanta
JeffKuszEnterprise HoldingsInnovation Park-Charlotte
JoAnnFarrellAccessoWeston I & II-Cary
JohnObererGZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.1515 Market Street-Philadelphia
JuliaMannTrinity Wealth ManagementWestlakes-Berwyn
KimMurrayAccesso10333 Richmond-Houston
MarcJungAccessoOne City Centre-Houston
MarieOlsethWest End Consultation GroupTowers at West End-St. Louis Park
SteveJohnsonMoneyGramTowers at West End-St. Louis Park