Monday Puzzles

World Series Trivia

Known as the Fall Classic, the World Series is the annual championship of Major League Baseball and is one of the world’s great sporting contests. Test your knowledge of this sporting classic with these World Series trivia questions. Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuildingAnnaWroblewskiIAT Insurance GroupPark Plaza-NapervilleBethHillHartman Simons … Read On ›

Halloween Riddle

5 friends went trick-or-treating together for Halloween, but they soon got tired and went home at some point along the way. The next morning, the friends met up to exchange candy, so each could have their favorites. FRIENDS: Andy, Jane, Max, Pam, SamCOSTUMES: witch, vampire, devil, cat, … Read On ›

A Farmers Riddle

A farmer lived in a small village. He had three sons. One day he gave $100 dollars to his sons and told them to go to market.The three sons should buy 100 animals for $100 dollars. In the market there were chickens, hens and goats.Cost of a … Read On ›

Back to School Quiz

See how well you do on this quiz that thrusts you back into school to answer questions over subjects covered in various grade levels. Read On ›

Guess The Movies

Can you identify all 12 movies from this tricky emoji quiz? Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuildingAdamMeisterBrown & BrownIDS Center-MinneapolisAlexSmithR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-HoustonAlondraSantoyoTTI FloorcareInnovation Park-CharlotteBrianRabenaldtR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-HoustonCaitlinTNichols KasterIDS Center-MinneapolisCarenParkerAllstateInnovation Park-CharlotteCarolynFinleyAccesso1776 Yorktown-HoustonCathyJohnsonWells FargoInnovation Park-CharlotteCedricMendiolaBrown & BrownIDS Center-MinneapolisChristinaLyons LyonsLumatoAshford-HoustonChristineWhatleyLawyers Mutual of NCWeston I … Read On ›

How many Ice Creams?

On a certain day, Joey, the ice-cream seller sold his ice creams to four different kids in a manner that each of the kids purchased half of the remaining ice creams and half ice-cream more. If we tell you that the fourth kid bought just a single ice … Read On ›

Independence Day Trivia

These July 4th Trivia Questions Will Reveal Just How Much You Remember From History Class  Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuildingBennettBretchesBuffalo Bayou ResourcesOne City Centre-HoustonBethBeaverAllstateInnovation Park-CharlotteBrianRabenaldtR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-HoustonDennisYazdanpanahR. G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-HoustonEvelynOstheimerEquitableInnovation Park-CharlotteJenniferWilliamsUnique MindcareYorktown-HoustonJoAnnFarrellAccessoWeston I & II-CaryJoshRinckerR G MILLERAtrium at Park … Read On ›