What’s New in Dallas

2023 National Tell a Joke Day Contest

August 1-16, 2023 August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day. This special day was first celebrated in 2002, and it's the perfect opportunity to show off your best humor skills. Contest Rules: Deadline is midnight August 13, 2023 You allow Accesso Club to use your submission for the newsletter, social media, … Read On ›

2023 School Supply Drive

July 17-August 4 Join us in giving students the confidence they need to get back on track this fall - Donate essential supplies today! As a community-minded and relationship-driven corporate real estate company, Accesso is committed to improving the communities in which we live and work. For this reason, we are proud … Read On ›

2023 Father’s Day Contest

June 1-18, 2023 For Father’s Day 2023, let's honor the bonds we share with our beloved dads through their powerful and funniest pieces of advice, sayings and quotes. "If someone doesn't want to be with you, that's on them. You have a lot to give." My sister once asked my dad what he … Read On ›

2023 Mother’s Day Recipe Contest

When it comes to things we love about our mom, “Cooking” invariably tops the list. This year on Mother’s Day, make your mom feel special, share her unique, original recipe and win a $50 Gift Card! Contest Rules: Recipe deadline is midnight May 14, 2023 All recipes must be original … Read On ›

Kentucky Derby Brainteaser

The Kentucky Derby is resurrecting famous horses!Secretariat can run one lap per minute.Seabiscuit can run two laps per minute.Northern Dancer can run 4 laps per minute. Question :If all three horses start at the same time at the same place, how long will it take for each of them to … Read On ›


Join us for Accesso Club's Step Into Spring Challenge APRIL 10 - APRIL 16 Let's get ready to step into spring! Join this walking challenge and get as many steps in as you can starting Monday, April 10th. The top 3 participants with the most steps will win a gift … Read On ›

April Brainteaser

April has 30 days. If you start with one penny and double it every day for 30 days, how much money will you have at the end of the month? Do you know the answer? Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuildingAlejandraTorelloAccessoAccesso One-HallandaleAlexandraJecroisInterra International LLCPlatinum Tower-AtlantaBHAVIKABALANIR. G. Miller … Read On ›

2023 Accesso Club March Madness Bracket

Men's Brackets are back and Accesso Club started a pool, 2023 Accesso Club March Madness Bracket. Join now before the tournament starts so we can compete all of March Madness for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card! You can join now using the link below: JOIN NOW The 2023 … Read On ›

If… Then…

If: 5 3 2 = 151022 9 2 4 = 183652 8 6 3 = 482466 5 4 5 = 202541 Then: 9 5 5 = ? Do you know the answer? Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuildingCathyJohnsonWells FargoInnovation Park-CharlotteCedricMendiolaBrown & BrownIDS Center-MinneapolisChadLichliterAllianzEncore Commons-AlpharettaChrisRussellTTIInnovation Park-CharlotteChristieRiersonAllianzEncore Commons-AlpharettaDamianBirnstihlDuly Health and CareHighland Oaks I & … Read On ›