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7700 Parmer: Pop-a-Shot Event

First Annual Pop-A-Shot Event! We gave everyone time to come and participate. Lots of fun was had by all! Amazing how much fun a little competition can be. Great smile from the highest scorer. Read On ›

Atrium at Park Ten-Houston: Pop-A-Shot-Event

Great friendly competition was held at Atrium today. Atrium property has a state of the art lounge that has a Pop-A-Shot and pool table with a kitchen and we utilized it today for the Accesso Club event. Record breaking scoring took place today. Popcorn & drinks made … Read On ›

April Brainteaser

April has 30 days. If you start with one penny and double it every day for 30 days, how much money will you have at the end of the month? Do you know the answer? Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuilding Read On ›

6330 West Loop South: Pop-A-Shot Event

With March Madness in full swing and to go with our online bracket we put together a little fun for the tenants. Over lunch today we set up an electronic hoop machine and had a friendly competition! We had folks that had never played basketball and others … Read On ›