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1515 Market Street: Countdown to Memorial Day & Summer!

Thursday, May 23, 20241515 Market Street celebrated summer's arrival with some afternoon refreshments and fun!Cheeseburger/pulled pork sliders, mini Hawaiian chicken skewers, summer pasta salad cups, and angel food cake shooters and more were served.Lots of fun was had and a some prizes won! Read On ›

1776 Yorktown: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Tenants enjoyed a delicious warm chocolate chip cookie today from Tiff's Treats. iidon Security sponsored and was onsite to meet the tenants with Property management.Today was a sweet and memorable event for everyone involved. Read On ›

6330 West Loop South: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was a hit at 6330 West Loop South. Thank you iidon Security for sponsoring and being onsite. It was really fun for the property management to visit with the tenants. Delicious warm cookies from Tiffs Treats made it a sweet and memorable event … Read On ›

3900 Essex: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was a success at 3900 Essex, thanks to the sponsorship and onite participation of iidon Security. Tenants enjoyed delicious warm cookies from Tiff Treats, making it a sweet and memorable event for everyone! Read On ›

IDS Center: Health Fair

Kelleric Connections partnered with IDS Center to host a Tenant Health Fair. We had multiple vendors from the Twin Cities in attendance. There was a Battle Ship raffle game where participants could play on their phone to win a prize. We had Peoples Organic protein balls, fruits … Read On ›

10333 Richmond: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

The security company, iidon Security hosted a Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and Accesso Services Property Management was there also to greet and visit with the tenants. We had warm delicious cookies from Tiff's Treats. The treat was enjoyed by all! Read On ›

Innovation Park: Mother’s Day Gift Basket Raffle

In honor of Mother's Day Innovation Park held an online Mother's Day gift Basket Raffle! Mother's day is a special occasion to honor the incredible Mother's among us and we were more than thrilled to have almost so many participants and to share gift baskets with four … Read On ›