What’s New

IDS Center: Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is always a fun time of year to see how creative and talented our tenant base is. The detailed pumpkins were enjoyed by many tenants of IDS Center and other spectators walking through the Crystal Court. Congratulations to the winners! Scariest Pumpkin - SitelogIQ (creepy face/arms & legs)Most … Read On ›

1515 Market Street: Halloween Event

We want to thank everyone who participated in our Halloween candy giveaway.Your enthusiasm and excitement really got us into the Halloween spirit. We hope you enjoyed the assortment of tasty treats provided in the lobby. It was great to see so many Accesso Club members stop by. … Read On ›

IDS Center: Boy Scouts Pop Corn Sale

We had the Boy Scouts troops at IDS Center in the Crystal Court October 18-20th 10am-2pm.This is always a great sale for the Boy Scouts and for IDS Tenants and other properties around us who walk through the Crystal Court! Read On ›

1776 Yorktown: Welcoming Fall!

Yorktown welcomed our tenants with a "Falling into Fall" treat this morning. They had chocolate or vanilla cupcakes and some brownie bites. They also entered into a drawing for the fall flower arrangement and Queenie was super excited to be the winner. Read On ›

Volunteer Effort at Kid’s Meals

This is our third time to volunteer here with Accesso folks and our Houston tenants. It was an amazing time to fellowship with our tenants and we got to help feed the children. They even wrote Accesso Club a welcome sign! Read On ›

Encore Commons: Braves Day Tenant Event

Encore Commons celebrated the Braves on Wednesday afternoon! We had the game on in our training room, served all types of ballpark food and had a great time! It was most definitely a team effort: we grilled hot dogs and had all the toppings, served popcorn, nachos … Read On ›

Innovation Park: TTI Car Show

Employees of TTI were happy to show off their labor of loves and enjoy a grill out for lunch where proceeds were then donated to charity. They had a great turn out with an impressive display of motorcycles and cars! Photos by Accesso Engineer, Chris Correll. Read On ›