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What day of the week is it?

A vacationing family sitting around the campfire has the following conversation: 1. Father: What day is it? I am sure it isn’t Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 2. Mother: Well that’s not very helpful dear. Besides yesterday was Friday. 3. Father: No, now that I think about it, yesterday wasn’t Friday, … Read On ›

Volunteering in Houston

We are all about helping people any way we can. In doing so, we help make Houston a better place to live. Because of this, many of our clients choose to spend their time volunteering with a variety of local organizations. Now that summer is here, you … Read On ›

Gold Over America Tour

SAVE on tickets for Athleta Presents Gold Over America Tour coming to Toyota Center on October 8! SAVE on tickets by using this link: https://bit.ly/3iFyxSr. For more information, contact christina@texasgrouptickets.com or by calling 281-367-9717 Read On ›

Olympic Games Trivia

These Olympics quiz questions and answers will challenge your knowledge and separate the gold medal winners from the stragglers at the back! Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly! First NameLast NameCompanyBuildingAustinZenR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-HoustonBhavikaHemantkumar BalaniR.G. Miller Engineers One Park Ten-HoustonCedricMendiolaHays CompaniesIDS Center-MinneapolisDennisYazdanpanah R.G. Miller Engineers Atrium … Read On ›

Tenant Spotlight

Would you like your company to shine in an upcoming Accesso Club Newsletter, website and social media? We want to help you create connections with businesses in your building and city by featuring your company on the Accesso Club website and social media platforms. Read On ›

Hartman Foundation Concerts in the Park

The Austin Symphony presents the 19th summer season of the Hartman Foundation Concerts in the Park at the Hartman Concert Park in front of the Long Center City Terrace. The Sunday evening concerts are free, informal, and provide Austinites the opportunity to become acquainted, or get reacquainted, … Read On ›

Around the World: Diverse Cuisine in Houston

If you are like us here at Accesso Club, you are naturally curious about the world. However, if you don’t have time to go around the world, that’s okay. Actually, you can explore much of the world by simply staying right here in our beloved Houston. Read On ›

Victoria: The T. Rex

Accesso Club has secured a great discount coupon for the Museum of Natural Science!  It is more than 50% off in most cases.  Now showing a very impactful 3D show called Super Hero Dogs that is a must see!  Below is the best way for you and your guests to … Read On ›

Tricky Nines

A new Accesso building containing 100 offices had just been completed. Mark was hired to paint the numbers 1 to 100 on the doors. How many times will Mark have to paint the number nine? Read On ›

How Much?

Alex and Dana go shopping for their mother on Mother’s Day. Alex buys something for $12 and Dana buys something for $28. They want to share the price.Question: How much does Alex have to pay Dana to get an even price for both of them? Congratulations to everyone who … Read On ›

E-Recycle Events-Houston

THANK YOU FOR RECYCLING! Houston e-waste recycling drive in May was a big success! Thank you for such enthusiastic participation in the semi-annual drive. Our next drive will be in mid November. Read On ›

How Old?

Two years ago, Dana was three times as old as her brother Alex was. In three years’ time, Dana will be twice as old as Alex. Question: How old are they now? Read On ›