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7700 Parmer: Pop-A-Shot Event

7700 Parmer had a really fun and engaging event ! We incorporated different partners like Fooda and the on-site Fitness Center to offer various activities and prizes. The Pop-A-Shot basketball hoops was a been a big hit, especially with people competing for the best time. We had … Read On ›

3900 Essex: Pop-A-Shot Event

Fun Pop-A-Shot Event at Essex. Tenants stepped away from their desks for a few minutes for a little competition and some fresh lemonade and snacks. We had a couple of basketballs that we raffled off at the end of the event. Fun was had by all! Read On ›

Westlakes: Pop-A-Shot Competition

The Championship round for the Pop-A-Shot event was held on March 28th. A different round was held at different locations on different days. It was quite a competition and several companies participated. Gift cards were won for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. A great time was had … Read On ›

IDS Center: March Madness Tenant Event

Those who attended the event had the chance to participate in exciting raffles. Two NOA gift cards were up for grabs, with attendees earning raffle entries by entering their names. Additionally, two personal training sessions, each lasting 30 minutes, were offered as prizes, with the sessions to … Read On ›

20 North Clark: Shamrock Shakes

20 North Clark tenants enjoyed delicious and freshly prepared Shamrock Shakes from our friends at Capannari Ice Cream. Spots for a March Madness contest were also made available to tenants and filled up quickly! You can visit Capannari Ice Cream at www.capannaris.com Read On ›

IDS Center: Girl Scout Cookie Sale

The Girl Scouts set up a cookie booth at the IDS Center's Crystal Court for a three-day period from February 27th to the 29th. They achieved remarkable sales by offering cookies to tenants and individuals passing through the Crystal Court area. Read On ›

Innovation Park: Bee Downtown Pollination Station

The tenants at Innovation Park had a blast enjoying the beautiful day and planting their own wild flower seeds at our Drop In Pollination Station. They were asked to bring back their growing blooms in time for Earth Day (April 22nd) so that we can plant them … Read On ›

2024 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Tickets Raffle

Don't miss your chance to experience the excitement of the 2024 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Enter now for the opportunity to win a prize package that includes two tickets for the Saturday, March 16th performance featuring the country superstar Brad Paisley as the headliner, plus a … Read On ›

2024 Accesso Club March Madness Bracket

Men's Brackets are back and Accesso Club started a pool, 2024 Accesso Club March Madness Bracket. Join now before the tournament starts so we can compete all of March Madness for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card! You can join now using the link below: JOIN NOW The 2024 … Read On ›

20 N Clark: February Fun!

20 North Clark tenants enjoyed a variety of fun events, including; a free-to-play Super Bowl 100-square game won by Billy C. and Scott S. of Syd Jerome, as well as a valentine's day candy bar! Read On ›