Father’s Day Virtual Ideas

This Father’s Day, show Dad how much you appreciate him

The key to having a truly iconic virtual Father’s Day is taking your dad’s hobbies and adjusting them into something he can do online or at home. If your dad is a big fan of sports, you can find virtual ways to let him check in on big games—even if he can’t sit in the crowds right now. While it might take a little bit more creativity, you can still make Father’s Day magical.

Fire up the backyard grill

There’s no greater way to get to a Dad’s heart than the word “barbeque”. Grab extravagant meats like a rack of ribs or wagyu beef burgers and have Dad go to town.

Charcoal Tps and Tricks

Picture perfect and delicious too!

Go on a Virtual Museum Tour

Being closed to the public for the time being, many famous museums like the Getty Art Galleries and the British Museum in London are offering virtual tours. Fire up the computer and let Dad get lost in the art.

Virtual Museums

Have an outdoor family movie night

If one of Dad’s favorite past times is bringing the Star Wars saga over and over again, how about setting up a family movie night from your own backyard? Hang a white bed sheet and project a movie onto the screen via a projector.

Recipe for a Perfect Movie Night at Home

Have a wine and paint night

Have all the fun of a classic wine and paint night without having to leave your house! Trace fun images onto a canvas for easy painting or let your creativity shine and come up with your own painting.

From changing the oil to restoration projects

Jay Leno and Home Depot will give you and Dad inspiration and guidance in tackling that special dream you both have talked about

Well, THAT was easy!

Jay Leno’s Garage (Youtube)

Do a virtual fitness class

If Dad is going through major gym withdrawals, consider signing him up for free virtual fitness classes with the Wellness Coach App

Download Wellness Coach for Iphone or Ipad from the App Store and enjoy live or on-demand fitness classes such as Yoga, Stretching, Cardio, Strength, Boxing, Core and much more. Wellness coach is here for your mental and physical well being.

Watch a virtual concert

Accesso Club_concierge services_concert

If Dad’s bumming over the fact that his favorite music festivals are canceled, fire up YouTube and search if his favorite band has a virtual concert.

Virtual Concerts

Plant a family garden

Now more than ever, more families are thinking about growing their own food. See what it takes to plant as many vegetables and other produce you can grow in your own backyard.

Herb Gardening Class
Learn from a Master Gardener

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Cost: $5

Register Here

Have a pizza party

Everyone loves pizza, Make or buy some premade pizza dough and put different toppings in bowls and have Dad and the kids decorate it!

Father’s Day Pizza Party

Make paper airplanes

Have Dad teach the little ones how to make paper airplanes. Once they get the hang of it, have a competition in your backyard to see whose airplane can fly the furthest!

How to Make a Paper Airplane

Fly Dad to Mars

Give Dad an experience that is out of this world! Head on over to the Nasa website to take a virtual walk on Mars.


MLB at Home

Remember great plays & players.
We highly recommend you watch these clips with Dad while sitting somewhere the sun is shining and a gentle breeze is blowing!

Take me out to the ballgame! Click & Scroll

NBA Classics

Relive great basketball moments
While the 2019-20 NBA season may resume on July 31 at the Disney Sports Complex near Orlando, we do not have to wait to sit with Dad and watch a great game!

Check out these classic NBA Finals games from 2000-2019 and share the excitement with Dad.

Game on! Click & Scroll

NFL Game Pass

Complimentary Access

Now until July 31, 2020

Verizon and the NFL offer you complimentary access to NFL Game Pass!
Complementary Access

Grab Dad, get your favorite jersey on and replay NFL games from 2009-2019 and NFL original shows!

XXX’s & OOO’s! Click & Scroll

NHL Past, Present & Future

Experience the best moments

 The shortened NHL season was a bummer. While they figure out how to get back on the ice, you and Dad can watch classic games, check out documentaries and more!

Start the Clock! Click & Scroll

Do it Yourself Inspiration

Room remodeling to woodworking

Grab your tool box and head over to Dad’s house.

Whatever has been on his mind, you can inspiration and helpful hints here!

DIY home improvement projects & ideas

DIY Woodworking projects & ideas

Golftec Virtual Lessons

Live, interactive session with one of GOLFTEC’s premier Coaches! Free Father’s Day virtual class.



World Golf Tour

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Fender Play

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