Gift Wrapping Event at Park Plaza

Every year, the Park Plaza Property Team offers FREE gift wrapping to their tenants. It is a BIG hit! They bring boxes, tissue paper, ribbon, gift tags and wrapping paper. All the tenant have to do is label the gift and drop it off. Within a few hours, they have all their gifts beautifully wrapped! Every year, more and more tenants participate – 4 additional wrappers were called in due the volume of presents!
We even got 2 compliments before the end of the day!

Good Afternoon. I just picked up my wrapped packages from the gift wrapping service here at the 215 Shuman Office in Naperville. I wanted to let you know the gifts looked beautiful, they did a really nice job. I greatly appreciate the building providing this service, as it is so helpful during this busy season. Have a Happy Holiday!
Sherri Lynn, Travelers Insurance

Good Morning. Thanks so much for hosting this Gift Wrapping Event! I just picked up all my gifts and they are beautiful!
Such a great help during this busy season! Looking forward to this again next year – Thanks again!
Amy Stack, Travelers.

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