Halloween Riddle

5 friends went trick-or-treating together for Halloween, but they soon got tired and went home at some point along the way. The next morning, the friends met up to exchange candy, so each could have their favorites.

FRIENDS: Andy, Jane, Max, Pam, Sam
COSTUMES: witch, vampire, devil, cat, skeleton
CANDY: Reese’s, M&M’s, Snickers, Starburst, Milky Way

1) The 5 friends are Max, the witch, the girl who likes Starburst, the boy who dressed as a devil, and the person who left the group 3rd.

2) Andy (who does not like Milky Way) left sometime after Max and immediately before Sam.

3) Pam likes Starburst and she left after Sam.

4) The friends left the group in this order: the one who likes Reese’s, the witch, Andy, the one who likes Milky Way, and Pam.

5) The skeleton likes M&M’s.

6) The vampire was not last.

Can you figure out:

In what order did Max left the group?

What costume did Jane wear?

What is Andy’s favorite candy?

Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly!

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