How many Ice Creams?

On a certain day, Joey, the ice-cream seller sold his ice creams to four different kids in a manner that each of the kids purchased half of the remaining ice creams and half ice-cream more.

If we tell you that the fourth kid bought just a single ice cream, can you find out how many ice creams were sold by Joey that day?

Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly!

First NameLast NameCompanyBuilding
AndreaLebronPTDA230 W. Monroe-Chicago
BrianRabenaldtR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
DennisYazdanpanahR. G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
DouglasCoganMarcomCentral200 W. Monroe-Chicago
JackieCasseusAccessoAccesso One-Hallandale
JulieFaulknerTTi FloorcareInnovation Park-Charlotte
KathleenStewartTravelers Bond & Specialty InsurancePark Plaza-Naperville
KimMurrayAccesso1776 Yorktown-Houston
PamelaCsonkaImagine CharlotteInnovation Park-Charlotte
RayIngrahamAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
ShawnPachlhoferRG Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
StacyVelascoCVSRiverwalk-Buffalo Grove