IDS Center: Father’s Day Raffle

Last week we held our annual Father’s Day raffle in the Tower Lobby from June 11-13 between 12-1pm. It was another great success with tons of entries for some fantastic prizes.

Up for grabs were 4 – $50 gift cards to the new Puttery mini golf venue, 1 – $200 gift card to Manny’s Steakhouse, and 2 sets of tickets to an upcoming Twins game on July 4th. Each raffle was held separately with entries placed in individual bowls.

The Manny’s gift card proved to be the most coveted prize, drawing a whopping 126 entries! The mini golf Puttery cards came in second with 41 entries, and the Twins tickets rounded it out with 36 entries for that Fourth of July game.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated and made this such a fun annual tradition. Stay tuned for more great raffles and giveaways coming your way. And congratulations to all the lucky winners!

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