Innovation Park Bikes

Alternative fuel…You!

Innovation Park Bike Instructions and Signup Forms

Trading Your Office Seat for a Bike Seat…

Step 1: Get your Bike Passport
Download and fill out the Equipment Waiver below. Return your completed Equipment Waiver to or email:

Step 2: Sign Out a bike
The bikes are located at the Innovation Park Security Desk, just down the corridor from Innovation Park Fitness. Please sign out a bike with the security officer on duty.

Step 3: Stay on Course…and Have Fun!
There is one bike course on campus. Small, laminated maps are attached to each bike. You can also download print a course map below.
All bikes are for outdoor use only.

When you finish your ride, return the bike to the security desk and enjoy the rest of your day!
Need assistance? Give us a shout at 704-808-4200.