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Accesso Club Members not only benefit from featured access to premier amenities, but also enjoy two levels of Concierge Services and special discounted ticket pricing through our partners.

Access discounted tickets to local and national events for your business needs or personal enjoyment

Save 20% on Expert, Live instruction for students of all ages

Achieve any goal with live online classes, personalized 1-on-1 online tutoring, and complete learning-at-home solutions. Master 3,000 academic, test prep, foreign language, and professional subjects with expert live instruction from Varsity Tutors. This year, school is far from normal. That's why they are here to help with solutions to prepare your students for success.

Varsity Tutors & Accesso Club Partnership Overview

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First month Free and then $7.95 per month (0r $72 for 1 year)

ONE DAY UNIVERSITY brings together professors from the finest universities in the country to present special versions of their absolute best lectures – LIVE. Every university has a few professors who are wildly popular. At One Day University, they work closely with these professors to develop the most engaging talks that inform and inspire adult “students-for-a-day.” The professors have won countless teaching awards and earned the highest possible ratings from their students on campus. Now, you too can engage with these professors for a truly unique and exhilarating day. At One Day U there are no grades, no tests, no homework — just the pure joy of lifelong learning.



Discount available to Accesso Club members! For more information, Contact Tracy Tomasetti, 312-261-3018Tracy.Tomasetti@nl.edu


Wellness Coach by Meditation.Live

Download Wellness Coach for Iphone or Ipad from the App Store and enjoy live or on-demand fitness classes such as Yoga, Stretching, Cardio, Strength, Boxing, Core and much more. Wellness coach is here for your mental and physical well being.

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  • You can use it toward a group event, like a wedding party or girls night in.


Working Advantage

We’ve partnered with Working Advantage for discounts and special offers to top attractions and theme parks, and preferred seating and shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more! See what special offers and discounts are available to you for upcoming concerts, shows, sports, retail, restaurants and other experiences.

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Your online store is now OPEN! In addition to Valleyfair and Soak City Admission tickets, your employees can also enjoy savings on additional items to complete their visit including Parking, Souvenir Bottles, Single Meal Deal, All Day Dining and more!  Your employees can access your online store by visiting www.valleyfair.com/save . Please note that the username and password are required to access the savings.  Username and passwords are case sensitive. 


St. Croix Cleaners

Professional Laundry Care Services at you Fingertips!


Marquette Hotel-Minneapolis

Online Booking Code: N3008329

 *Select Special Rate,  enter as  Corporate  Account  Code

Total Transportation

Running from one meeting to the next? Need to get your corporate party to its venue in style? CEO to the airport and back? The Twin Cities’ own Total Transportation has you covered.
Promo Code: ACCESSO

Sea Life
At Mall of America

Minnesota’s BIGGEST Aquarium!
Your Exclusive Code: Acc20

Nickelodeon Universe
Mall of America

Save 30% on an unlimited ride wristband at Nickelodeon Universe!

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When you’re looking to balance work with play, take advantage of the special discounts cultivated by the Concierge Team for specific events and happenings in your city.

Tailored Experiences

Looking for the next level of encounter? Then Tailored Experiences is definitely for you. The Concierge Team has partnered with local businesses to provide you with discounted opportunities to enjoy experiences such as behind-the-scenes tours of performances, special access to VIP seating and more.

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