What’s the Password?

Alan wants to enter into an exclusive Accesso Club event but the entry requires a password he doesn’t know. So, he waits nearby and listens to the conversations happening around him. As a club member comes to the door, the security officer says, “Twelve”. She replies, “Six” and gets in. Another member comes to the door. The security officer says, “Six” and the man replies, “Three” and gets in. Alan thinks that he understands the pattern and walks up to the door. The security officer says, “Ten” and Alan replies, “Five” but the security guard doesn’t let him in.

Question: What’s the password?

Congratulations to everyone who has solved this challenge!

AlejandraTorelloAccesso PartnersAccesso One-Hallandale
AustinZenR. G. Miller EngineersOne Park Ten-Houston
CaryHattebergISI Telemanagement Solutions, LLC230 W. Monroe-Chicago
CedricMendiolaHays CompaniesIDS Center-Minneapolis
ChrisMethotAccessoInnovation Park-Charlotte
ChristianFuchsMoneyGramTowers at West End-Minneapolis
CoreenWalkerSit Investment AssociatesIDS Center-Minneapolis
DenieceReyesC.I.A. ServicesAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
ElizabethCabralEquitable FinancialInnovation Park-Charlotte
HeatherBrountasAlight FinancialInnovation Park-Charlotte
IldikoSzivosAccesso ServicesAccesso One-Hallandale
JacoboLedermanAccessoAccesso One-Hallandale
JeanieWilliamsLathrop GPM LLPIDS Center-Minneapolis
JimmersJimContinental DiamondTowers at West End-Minneapolis
KendraMcCoyAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
KimMurrayAccesso Services, LLCOne Park Ten-Houston
LynnFrostSafe Money with Scott Mann1717 St James-Houston
LeiaShannonAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
MarieOlsethWest End Consultation GroupTowers at West End-Minneapolis
MikeMealeyAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
MatthewHoughlandAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
NildaGayAccesso ServicesAccesso One-Hallandale
PaulLockwoodVitality Group200 W. Monroe-Chicago
RominaGoiteRMC TaxYorktown-Houston
RonaldBertinoPrime Clerk Holdco d/b/a Heffler Claims Administration1515 Market Street-Philadelphia
RayIngrahamAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
SandraPonderScott Mann Financial1717 St. James-Houston
SeanMcCallTTI Floor CareInnovation Park-Charlotte
ShannonTilleyMoneyGramTowers at West End-Minneapolis
SharonHouckAllstateInnovation Park-Charlotte
SharonStiglicDesman, INC20 N. Clark-Chicago
SilviaLeonAccesso PartnersAccesso One-Hallandale
SusanStrangeHealth Care Service Corporation Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and TexasHighland Oaks I & II-Downers Grove
TanyaAsrarPremier WorkspacesOne Allen Center-Allen
VinayGoelRG MillerAtrium at Park Ten-Houston