SEPTEMBER 20-26, 2020

Join us in celebrating the National Security Officer Appreciation Week

Send a Thank You note or share a picture with the security guard you want to celebrate.

Thank you Notes:

Ashford- Houston:
“Thank you to the Security Team at the Ashford Properties! We greatly appreciate your attentiveness and efforts to keep our properties safe. A special thanks to Spencer who keeps a smile on his face no matter what!”

7700 Parmer- Austin:
“Craig, you and our team of Officers are such an important part of every day at 7700 Parmer. Thank you for keeping an eye on the details, being proactive, and keeping positive team morale during these extra tough times. Thank you also for continuing to come to work with a smile on your face (under that mask) as you have for over 13 years.”

10333 Richmond- Houston:
“Thank you James for being the “Rock Star Security Guard” at the Richmond Property!”

One City Centre- Houston:
“Thank you to all the fabulous folks that greet us everyday and keep us safe! A special shout out to Shontella and staff at One City Centre! You are so APPRECIATED!”

200 West Monroe- Chicago:
“On behalf of STV Incorporated, thank you very much to Bennie Whiten and his entire security team, but especially Tony, Darrel and Kim. We appreciate all your efforts to keep us safe, and for professionally welcoming and registering our guests…. back in the day when we actually had guests! It is so nice to be greeted with a smile every time we enter the building, and for knowing all of us by name. We are thankful for your watchful eye, and for all that you do to help us
throughout the year. We are lucky to have you!
Linda D”

230 West Monroe- Chicago:
“Thank you very much to all the Security Staff at 230 W. Monroe, especially Vivianne and Enrique. As a Security Team you are all very thorough and receptive, but Vivianne (name of my favorite Aunt) and Enrique (who I used to call Vincent) have gone out of their way to be helpful and personable and I really appreciate it!! Again, thank you to the WHOLE Security Team for watching out for us all the time!!”

“Happy National Security Officer Appreciation Week! Thank you for all you do ’round the clock, day in and day out!”

Encore Commons- Alpharetta:
“On behalf of everyone at Markel, we would like to thank all of the security team here in Alpharetta, GA. You always greet us with smiles and we know you work so hard to keep us safe and help us out when in a pinch. We appreciate all you do!”

IDS Center- Minneapolis:
“I am grateful every day that you are there, doing your job! Thank you! – Michelle”

” I would like to thank each and every one of our security personnel at the IDS Center-Mpls. I know we are in good hands! Thank you for your service – it is greatly appreciated!”

“Thank you for all that you do and the warm morning welcomes!”

“Thank you to the IDS Security Team–you are The BEST! Even with a huge building, you seem to know all of us. Thank you for all you do!”

” Erin, Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!!! I appreciate you! Gerald”

“I’d like to thank our Security Officer Jim at the IDS Center in Minneapolis. Jim puts a smile on everyone’s face as he welcomes people into the building with a cheery hello every morning. He calls most people by name, which is impressive with as many tenants as we have in our building! Jim is a treasure and I’m happy to call him out in a special way during National Security Officer Appreciation Week. Thank you, Jim!!– Liz”

“Very happy to know these people. Very appreciative of the great job that they do.” Lisa Fredell

“Erin Mattson deserves to be recognized. Erin is a hardworking supervisor at the IDS Center. With everything that has been going on downtown, the IDS Center Security is prepared.
In all, IDS Center Security, I would hope your hard work does not go unnoticed. You all are doing such an incredible job.”