Park Plaza: Food Service Questionnaire

Please complete the survey to let us know how we can implement food service that satisfies our community:

One thought on “Park Plaza: Food Service Questionnaire

  1. They do not always have all ingredients that go with the food. For example, I ordered one of their salads that had blue cheese, but they did not have any. I also ordered one of the salads and was told they did not have the cheese for it.

    The spinach soon I tried was not very good.

    The “big tony” I had was really good.

    It would be nice if they had other dressing options for their salads, as I don’t really care for their special dressing.

    Having fruit or hard boiled eggs would be nice. If they add cereal, they would also need to supply the milk.

    I am not a coffee drinking, but was required to put in a response. I just said it works for me.

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