STEP-Tember Walking Challenge – Congratulations!

Thank you for joining our STEP-Tember Challenge! We hope you enjoyed connecting with other Wellness Coach users during your virtual walk through the desert 🏜 to the Wynn Las Vegas. 🎉  The race was so close that we decided to reward the top 15 rather than ten winners because it is so well-deserved.

Congratulations to the Winners!

  1. Mark Witmer
  2. Kevin Tafazzoli
  3. Karan Bhargava
  4. Cara Dewar
  5. Katie Hamilton
  6. Roberto Galvez
  7. Karynna Tuan
  8. Yuval Solomon
  9. Carter Clements
  10. Jessica Leitch
  11. Chad Tabiolo
  12. Tyler Bradford
  13. Hannah Highdale
  14. Ryan Ramirez
  15. Alpa Gosar

Each winner will receive an email shortly to redeem their prize. 

Thank you again and see you next time!

Be well, 



Julie Sharma

COO, Co-Founder