Building Inner Strength – Wellness Coach App

  Join us for this session and learn from our expert coach how to build mental strength. Begin to understand how practicing meditation can help you train your mind to focus and achieve your greatest potential.   Get the App FREE today! Wellness Coach by Meditation Live Read On ›

Gratitude – Wellness Coach App

  Gratitude is being aware of all of the good things in your life and expressing appreciation for them. Being grateful allows us to live fully in the present moment. Expressing gratitude leads to a stronger sense of well being increases our resilience and attracts more good into … Read On ›

Turning Challenge into Opportunity – Wellness Coach App

  We are constantly faced with challenges. Join this session to learn from our expert coach, simple shifts in perspective that allow a more holistic view that often reveals unique solutions hiding in plain sight.   Get the App FREE today! Wellness Coach by Meditation Live Read On ›

Create Inner Peace – Wellness Coach App

  This meditation is a mindfulness Zen meditation technique that focuses on the natural breath. The focus is brought to the present helping to train the mind to be in the now. The awareness is drawn again and again back to the natural breathing.   Get the App FREE today! Wellness … Read On ›

Stress & Anxiety Release – Wellness Coach App

  When stress and anxiety take hold of us, life and work can become so very difficult. In this meditation, you’ll let go of stress and difficult thoughts, by using an ancient and simple practice rooted in meeting your breath. Begin to use the breath to move away … Read On ›

Stick with it and Thrive – Wellness Coach App

  Discipline is key! You may have so many thoughts, you may feel restless, you may want to give up, but don't. It is important to stick with your practice to get good results. Join our expert coach Sarah to understand how you believing in science and the … Read On ›

Living through Uncertain Times – Wellness Coach App

  We face uncertainties in different situations we face in life. It is important to know that uncertainty is not always bad so join this session and learn from our expert coach how to cope with uncertainty by embracing it, to stay calm and focus on the present … Read On ›

Responding, not Reacting – Wellness Coach App

  Strengthen your ability to choose to respond rather than be caught by reaction, as you practice and deepen into our natural awareness. Join this session that begins with a body scan and then will gently hold space for you as you meet yourself and the world in … Read On ›