Vintage Jewelry

Three pieces of antique jewelry – a locket, a pin, and a ring – have ages whose sum is 310 years. The sum of 2 times the age of the locket 5 years ago and the age of the pin 10 years ago is 240 years. The difference between 3 times the locket’s age in 3 years and 2 times the ring’s age 4 years ago is 0. Find the ages of the locket, the pin, and the ring.

Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly!

First NameLast NameCompanyBuilding
AustinZenR.G. Miller EngineersAtrium at Park Ten-Houston
BrianRabenaldtR.G. Miller Engineers Atrium at Park Ten-Houston
DamianBirnstihl BirnstihlBoncura Health SolutionsHighland Oaks I & II-Downers Grove
DouglasCoganMarcomCentral200 W. Monroe-Chicago
EmilyLaneR.G. Miller Atrium at Park Ten-Houston
KimMurrayAccesso10333 Richmond-Houston