Volunteering in Houston

Need a Summer Project? Try Volunteering in Houston

We are all about helping people any way we can. In doing so, we help make Houston a better place to live. Because of this, many of our clients choose to spend their time volunteering with a variety of local organizations. Now that summer is here, you may be looking for a way to spend some of your extra time. If so, here are some places in Houston we at Accesso Club highly recommend you volunteer your time and talents to over the course of the summer and perhaps beyond.

Houston Food Bank

If you really want to make a difference in the lives of both kids and adults, spend some time volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. Founded in 1982, the Houston Food Bank was responsible for distributing almost 160 million nutritious meals in fiscal year 2020 to needy individuals and families. As for how your volunteering can help, consider that in 2020 people volunteered nearly 538,000 hours of their time, which was equal to the work of 258 paid employees. Whether you want to help with the Red Barrels program, assist with food markets at local schools, or various other tasks that need to be done, the Houston Food Bank will always welcome your help.

Ronald McDonald House

For families with sick children, the Ronald McDonald House is a godsend. If you’d like to volunteer, you can help in many ways. Offering flexible scheduling in three-hour blocks, you can answer phones, lead orientation sessions for new residents, perform office tasks, or be in charge of making coffee and snacks for residents and visitors. With many volunteer options available for high school and college students, it’s a great way to help others while gaining valuable experience for yourself.

Books Between Kids

As we all know, getting children started with reading as early as possible in their lives sets them up for academic and career success as they grow up. If you want to do all you can to help at-risk children in Houston get off to a great start with reading, consider volunteering with the non-profit organization Books Between Kids. Helping kids build their own home libraries that will let them discover the joys of reading and education, this organization provides a much-needed service, since almost 85% of Houston’s elementary school-aged students live at or below the poverty line.

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP)

If you love animals, there is no better feeling than helping them be happy and healthy. To do so, you can volunteer with CAP. Along with its many volunteer opportunities to be a shelter caretaker by feeding and cleaning up after the animals, you can also assist in the adoption process by doing paperwork and helping in the Mix and Mingle room, where you may help a canine or feline resident find their forever home. In addition, you can volunteer to walk dogs, be a foster parent to an animal, attend public events to provide educational programs on spaying and neutering, help out at the vaccination and wellness clinic, and much more.

Source: LinkedIn

The Women’s Resource

In today’s world, it is all about girl power. If you are like us here at Accesso Club and are committed to empowering girls and women from all walks of life, you should consider spending your volunteer time at The Women’s Resource. Geared primarily toward helping women learn how to make sound financial decisions that will improve their lives, this organization is highly-respected and known for changing the lives of women for the better. If you assume you need a financial background to volunteer at The Women’s Resource, you’re wrong. Should you want to volunteer, you may soon find yourself teaching a basic finance class in a school or perhaps a jail or prison, being a guest speaker at a school or business, or working in the organization’s offices performing data entry, preparing class materials, or numerous other duties.

With so much that needs to be done here in Houston, these and other organizations can use all the help they can get from local residents. If you have decided it is time to give back to your community, consider volunteering with any of these incredible nonprofits. Therefore, once you’ve finished clearing out the clutter at your home, , and are now ready to donate the rest to a worthy cause, touch base with the organization of your choice and get started today.